Programme > All week planning (June 6-10)

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Events for June 6 :

7:45AM (8:00AM no later & only for participants that are registered for this, departure by bus from the front of the Cité Nantes events center) to 2:30PM (lunch included): Visit of Ifsttar Nantes and/or attendance to the TC241-MCD Rilem meeting

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5:30 PM to 6:30PM: Visit of Anne de Bretagne's Castle in Nantes (Meeting place at "Rue des états" - Pont levis entrance)

6:30PM: Registration at Anne de Bretagne's Castle (from the Pont levis entrance)

6:45PM to 8:30PM: Welcoming reception in the Salle du harnachement 


Conference banquet at Stereolux (with FilMeZoArT show) on June 8


(TG1): Cracking in asphalt materials; (TG2): Interface debonding behavior; (TG3): Advanced measurement systems for crack characterization

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