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MCD2016 invites scientists from various backgrounds to share their work
(theoretical, numerical or experimental)

International workshops (2h15 long) are planned during MCD2016 to encourage the discussions on MCD research progress
in the field of pavement but not only. Typically, 4-5 presentations maximum per workshop will help to do so.

Bombardier EF     Tramway Nantes       Smart-Roads

First MCD2016 workshops under construction :

W1: "Theoretical and numerical modeling of interface debonding for various materials"
Chair: Nicolas Moës, GEM/Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France)
Speakers: Gianmarco De Felice from the Università Degli Studi Roma Tre(Italy), Armando Duarte from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (USA) W1-MCD2016-Duarte, Thierry Massart from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Belgium)

W2: "New approaches to address pavement failure more realistically in asphaltic pavement design methods"
Co-chairs: Jorge Soares, Universidade Federal do Ceara (Fortaleza, Brazil) W2-MCD2016-Soares and Michael Wistuba, TU Braunschweig (Germany) W2-MCD2016-Wistuba
Speakers: Luis Guillermo Loría Salazar (Costa Rica) W2-MCD2016-Salazar, Laurent Porot from Arizona Chemical (The Netherlands) W2-MCD2016-Porot

W3: "Roads of the future : towards durable and multi-functional infrastructures"
Co-chairs: Nicolas Hautière W3-MCD2016-Introduction and Pierre Hornych, Ifsttar (France)
Speakers: Bill Buttlar from the University of Urbana-champaign (USA)W3-MCD2016-Buttlar, Karim Chatti and Nizar Lajnef from Michigan State University (USA)W3-MCD2016-Chatti, Bérengère Lebental from Ifsttar (France)W3-MCD2016-Lebental, Sergio Pérez from Bombardier (Germany)W3-MCD2016-Perez

W4: "Recent progress in Digital Image Correlation : towards integrated identification ?"
Co-chairs: Marc François, GEM/Université de Nantes (France) W4-MCD2016-Introduction and Gabriele Tebaldi, University of Parma (Italy) - University of Florida (USA)
Speakers: Moisés Bueno from EMPA (Switzerland) W4-MCD2016-Bueno, Prof. Roberto Fedele from Politecnico de Milano (Italy) W4-MCD2016-Fedele, Emin Kutay from Michigan State University (USA), Julien Réthoré from the LaMCoS (INSA de Lyon, France) W4-MCD2016-Rethore

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